Maqpro, Paris France - a french day in the life of an MUA...

Earlier this month I traveled to Paris, France for business with my very good friend and fellow makeup artist, Tricia Sawyer. Before we left for our trip, another fellow makeup artist, Ve Neil, told us to pay a visit to an incredible makeup store called Maqpro. The Maqpro cosmetic line has only two locations -- France and England. We called, made an appointment and we were greeted by the two most wonderful people, Nine and Alain.

They gave us a tour of their store and lab and told us the history behind their product line. They are "old school," which is exactly what I love! The store was packed with a variety of cream foundations, eye shadows, cheek colors and lipsticks filled with amazing pigment. It was as if I had died and gone to makeup heaven!

Alain, who has been a makeup and special effects artist for many years, was kind enough to give both myself and Tricia a makeover. This was the first time I have ever had another makeup artist put makeup on my face! Now I know what all the fuss is about (just kidding)! But, it was great to listen and learn from an amazing artist trained in France.

Speaking with Alain about different special effects techniques was something I will never forget. He was so informative and showed me their entire line - including stage blood that washes out of wardrobe with cold water! I have never, until now, found an effects blood that didn't stain the skin or clothing! French makeup techniques are similar to the U.S., but their products are high above American standard, I mean after all, they are French!

Below are a few pictures for you to enjoy and know that I have stocked my kit with all kinds of French goodies to use on my next projects! It was just the most fabulous day in Paris!!!