Variety - a diverse day in the life of an MUA

The reason I love being a makeup artist is because of the variety of work that comes my way! One day I could be on a film set in Los Angeles and the next I could be on a photo shoot in a remote location of the world!

Recently, I got a phone call from a women who was looking for a makeup artist for her daughter's upcoming Sweet 16 party! She told me that she had come up with a really great idea to celebrate this milestone by incorporating one of her daughter's favorite reality t.v. shows -- the very famous and fun -- America's Next Top Model. There was going to be a catwalk, designer dresses, shoes, handbags, a professional photographer, a hairstylist and maybe even a Ms. J impersonator!! I have never been asked to participate in anything like this before and thought it sounded like so much fun! So I immediately accepted the job and off I went to the location, which was a very beautiful and private estate where the party would take place.

Now traditionally, I would have been in some sort of makeup room or trailer with my clients coming in and out and me throwing all sorts of products into my set bag and accompanying them for touch up purposes, but my makeup area in this case was an enormous bathroom - just like when I work one-on-one before a red carpet event. So, I knew exactly what to do and how to set up my supplies!

The party was a success and I will be stealing this idea when my girls turn 16 -- hope Ms. Tyra and America's Next Top Model are still around by then! Each girl at this party was treated to a professional make-over and as a party favor was given very glamorous photos of herself! I would have loved to have had a Sweet 16 like this!

It was funny how the very next day I was back in the studio working on a very professional shoot and in my makeup room with all the same supplies (plus a few others for HD purposes). It really reminded me how lucky I am to have chosen a profession where it is impossible for me to ever be bored! The diversity of my work is incredible and I am always working with some of the most amazing and talented individuals!

Check out the photos below to get a better idea of what this post is all about and feel free to steal the party idea for yourself -- just don't forget to hire me as the makeup artist!!!!