A year in review...

Even though 2009 started off slowly, it is ending with a big bang! I was proud to be part of many incredible productions this year and also happy to be part of the magic that is television and filmmaking in San Diego!

As a professional makeup artist I am asked to make actors/actresses look their very best, but sometimes I am requested to make them look...scary, dead, injured and just plain ugly! 2009 seemed to be the year of special effects for me and I was happy to embrace that passion!

Here is a little background information about my special effects career; I studied for 3 years with one of the best Special Effects Artists of our time, Mr. Stan Winston. I had the privilege of apprenticing on many of his films, including Terminator (1984), Ailens and Invaders from Mars right after graduating from makeup school. Prior to that, I went to The Institute of Studio Makeup and Joe Blasco, where I took extensive classes in forensics and prosthetics.

I have been hired by several production companies this year for my special effects ability and I have created loads of free-handed tattoos, bullet wounds, burns, bruises, stab wounds, scars, zombies, etc., for many television and photography gigs! I am unable to share the details of the shoots via this blog because of protected information pertaining to my clients, but I can share with you a few pictures from my personal camera.

Many of the special effects below are created from basic, everyday material and other effects are prothetic pieces purchased from professional makeup stores and then applied to the skin and dressed with grease paint and theatrical blood.

Special effects is one part of my career and beauty is another. I am excited to be listed in the 2010 San Diego Film & Resource Guide in both categories and look forward to being part of more production crews in the upcoming year!

I want to thank DOP, San Diego Production Center, Staylor-Made Communications, Mantooth Productions, Microsoft, XBox, ComiCon, Road Runner Sports, CNN, Coastal Media Group, Bob Sloan Productions, InPoint Productions, Ken Hansen Photography, HVS Productions and Tamarisk Media Group for making 2009 a great year for makeup!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope to see you on the set soon!