2008 Update

It's been a long time since I have posted my current work on my blog and I am sorry for not keeping in touch - it's been very busy these past few months, so I thought I would combine some of my most interesting work in one blog post and get up-to-date!!!!

I have added several new clients to my resume including: Cisco Systems, Qualcomm, Ken Hansen Photography, Mantooth Productions, Waldorf-Crawford LLC, HSV Productions, Jenny Craig, CNN, CBS and Animal Planet. Most based in San Diego and Los Angeles, with the exception of CBS and Animal Planet based out of New York.

In early September I was invited to speak at the San Diego Filmmaker's Association. I had attended meetings in the past at the Groovy Like A Movie production house, but never spoke before so I was a little nervous. It was a very fun experience and it took me through a journey of the past and present. The board of directors asked me to also provide a visual portfolio of my work which played on a flat screen behind me during my talk. It was interesting for me to look at my past work and remind myself of what I had accomplished in the last 20 years! That term "time flies" is true. Looking at my portfolio felt like I had just worked on all of those projects yesterday! I spoke mainly about how to work with a professional makeup artist. What to expect from someone like me and how to get the most out of your makeup budget. I was asked a ton of questions about my past work on films like Terminator, Ailens, Invaders from Mars and what it was like to work with celebrities. I met and hope to see again several interesting and very talented individuals.

September also brought me CNN Headline News shot out of Coastal Media, which is a satellite company located in San Diego. Currently I have worked on several Headline News broadcasts hosted by Mike Galanos, the Nancy Grace Show and Larry King Live. This is an ongoing project and I am very proud and grateful to part of this team.

Ken Hansen Photography gave me the opportunity to work with Qualcomm for both Dr. Irving Jacobs and Dr. Paul Jacobs. Ken is an amazing photographer based in San Diego and shoots everything from corporate portraits to lifestyle magazine editorials to product advertisements. I am always learning and experiencing new opportunities in my line of work. I had no idea of the inner workings of Qualcomm and of their national and international status. It was humbling to be in the company of the Jacobs' family and listening to their world-changing accomplishments.

Tonya Mantooth of Mantooth Productions based in Solana Beach, California asked me to be part of a Maritime video she was shooting out of the San Diego Production Center. Tonya is an amazing producer/director and has a very talented crew who produce several commercials for MJE Marketing Services. I worked with Tonya for Aviatech on the New Car Dealer's Association commercial last year and blogged about it under the post - International Car Show October 2007 archive. At the end of October, Mantooth Productions also produced the 2008 commercial again for the New Car Dealer's Association which will air two-weeks before Christmas - keep your eye out! I created a 40's theme makeup for this commercial based on direction from Tonya and MJE Marketing.

October was filled with animals, computer technology turning "green" and special effects! First, CBS called and asked if I would be part of a new show called Behind the Clip airing on Animal Planet at the end of this year. Chris Leary is hosting and the first episode was being shot in San Diego.

Shot on HD by HVS Productions this show is based on fun YouTube videos of animals doing amazing "stunts" and how their owners or trainers get the animals to perform. This project gave me the chance to meet and work with Joan Embry. She has worked with and cared for many large and small animals in her lifetime and has devoted most of her time to animal causes. She owns 60-plus acres of land in San Diego, which she maintains for animals needing homes or that are rescued from their natural habitats. She is an ambassador for the Wild Animal Park and had the world's first "painting" Elephant named Carol. She brought her talented pet on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the 70's and told us that Carol just "flung" the paint brush everywhere instead of painting on the canvas that was provided. At the end of the night, Carol had covered Johnny Carson head-to-toe in paint on live T.V.!

Ken Hansen Photography called again and asked if I would be part of a lifestyle shoot for a t-shirt company that was coming out with a new product line geared toward a very specific type of lifestyle. I was intrigued and when I met with the client they had initially asked me if I could do Zombie makeup, but I could tell that they needed more. After a few more questions, I discovered that they wanted me to create makeup based on Black Metal music. I immediately started researching this genre which I discovered started with Kiss and Alice Cooper, but has since blossomed into a type of lifestyle that band members, as well as everyday people live on a daily basis. It was cult-like and involves satan worshipping, but nevertheless, was intriguing to me as an artist. The t-shirt company called Visual Unrest has several incredible artists who create the most intense art for apparel. T-shirt lines include distinctive Military apparel to the Nightshades line (which is what I worked on with them).

Cisco Systems asked me to be part of their annual sales meeting held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Carlsbad. They sponsor the event and bring in several CIO's from major companies from all over the world. The meeting this year was going to be different in the fact that it was going to be totally "green." From the food to the set design - Cisco was going "green." I worked with the production team from The Horvath Group, which included the incredibly talented DP, Jimmy G to capture this historic event! Let's hope other major companies follow in Cisco's invisible footprint!

November had me up to my elbows in blood, positivity and how to eat right during the holiday season!!!!! First up was Jenny Craig and Waldorf-Crawford LLC. Producer/Director Marcia Crawford called and asked me to be part of a series of Jenny Craig webisodes airing in the next few weeks which will help individuals get started and maintain weight loss during the holiday seasons! This team was full of energy, talent and the amount of footage captured in a day was outstanding!

My friends over at DOP (Digital Outpost) called to ask me to use my Special Effects training to create a car bomb victim - complete with facial and body burns and tons of blood! I love all aspects of my career, but special effects is challenging and fun and I couldn't wait to get out my brushes and get started. This shoot was full of fire, explosives and the most talented DOP crew!

The past three months have been amazing and fun.......thanks everyone!!!!!