Sharing secrets...a day in the life of an MUA...

I am the type of professional makeup artist that likes to share my "secrets" with others! I firmly believe that if you give you will get back. When I was just starting out in this business I had a mentor who helped me along the way and would teach me not only their "secrets," but also important set etiquette.

Paying it forward is good for the soul and good for the business. I like to think that I am still learning when it comes to makeup artistry because the film and television industry changes all the time and it is my responsibility to make certain I am able to work in every medium, HD included.

New and innovative cosmetic products come out every single year and I attend many trade shows or product launch meetings in order to stay abreast of the latest brands. It is crucial as an artist to know which new (and old) products work best and should always be in your kit.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Bob Sloan of Sloan Productions and his team during a corporate video shoot. As usual, the crew got to chatting about television tips, tricks and of course, High Definition! I shared a few of my makeup secrets for working in HD with Bob and he was kind enough to write a great post about it on his blog! Enjoy!

The Importance of Good Makeup
- by Bob Sloan of Sloan Productions

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Now that we’re in a high definition video production world, more attention must be paid to the quality of the makeup job and artist. High definition images have much greater resolution than our old NTSC system showing more flaws in the skin; aging, wrinkles, etc.

On a recent shoot for a corporate website video client in San Diego, our makeup artist was Melissa Street, Melissa has been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years and has worked on feature films; Terminator, Aliens, etc. She used a product that I hadn’t seen before that helps keep facial perspiration, (sweat), from ruining the makeup job. The product is a spray that in effect “seals” the pores temporarily.

Called Skindinavia Makeup Fixing Spray, it did a great job during our shoot as we had to use heavy lighting to balance the background scene out the window of the office we were working in. Sloan productions has been producing high definition content and website video production in San Diego for over 30 years,