ComiCon...a day in the life of an MUA...

Received a phone call from Microsoft asking if I would key their "making of" video and behind-the-scenes footage for the XBox Halo 3 Anime DVD. It would be shot at ComiCon in San Diego and would feature many guest speakers, including famed artists Shinji Aramaki and Mamoru Oshii.

I jumped at the chance to work for them and immediately phoned my assistant, Cathi Singh, because I had also excepted makeup work for a press junket for the movie Gamer, starring Gerard Butler, Amber Valletta and Michael C. Hall, also being shot at ComiCon during the same time. Cathi and I were able to tag team and provide total coverage for both clients!

We were also asked to provide makeup application during the live forum sessions, which Halo 3 followed Avatar and New Moon's presentations! This was challenging in the fact that there would be no professional makeup space available and no professional lightening. On the spot anti-shine would be needed and knowledge of how stage lighting would transfer onto the RED camera was crucial.

Microsoft sparred no expense in making this DVD and used only the RED One camera. This was my first experience in filming with the RED and I needed to provide my assistant with information and technique. DP and RED One camera owner, Sean Michael Johnston, schooled me on exactly how the RED works and how to use the monitor to tweak my makeup application. I was grateful to learn from this master DP and to watch him arrange lighting, camera angles, etc.

Below are a few highlight photos from ComiCon! I can't wait until next year!