RedFire Branding...a hot day in the life of an MUA

Got a call from one of the most dynamic women I have ever met! Her name is Liz Goodgold and she is a writer, speaker, marketing genius and all around cool lady!

She asked if I could help out by providing makeup for a video/photography shoot she was doing to update her website. So glad I said yes because it was such a pleasure to meet Liz and we had a blast working together (for definition of "blast" check out the pictures below).

Shot on location at Ray Street Studios in the heart of San Diego, Liz brought together a fantastic team and because of her quick wit and infectious personality, this shoot was a great success.

Here is a little background on Liz: she has 25 years experience in every area of marketing, naming, branding, advertising and new media. Her clients include Quaker Oats, Macmillan Publishing, Times Mirror, Baskin-Robbins, Univision, and AMN HealthCare to name just a few. She has been seen on CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. Liz has been published in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and many recognize her from her columns in Entrepreneur magazine. Click here to go directly to RedFire Branding's website.