Special Effects...a day in the life of an MUA

I love doing all types of special effects, be it injuries like cuts or gashes, bruises, tattoos, missing body parts, aging effects, gross teeth, etc., so I thought I would post a few photos from a couple of shoots I have done recently.

In the past year, almost every set I have worked on used HD, which means that when I have been asked to do some type of special effect on an actor/actress, I have to do tests prior to make sure the effect looks believable on HD. HD picks up every thing so my make-up technique has to be perfect and well blended or the final result will be horrible!

I also don't believe in the new make-up lines that are popping up with HD make-up. I have found that what I have always used is great on HD -- it is the make-up artist's technique that makes the difference! A sloppy make-up artist can get away with bad application on some shoots, but no longer if using HD!

I have posted the before and after shot for you to enjoy! The bruise shots are for an upcoming video that is for a private organization and I am not allowed to talk about it. Sorry. The aging pictures are from a student film (yes, I like to help out the up and coming Hollywood hopefuls). This girl was 17 and needed to look like an old "granny!" What a day!