Big Budget Computer Games -- A day in the life of an MUA that I will never forget...

This is a blast from the past -- about 10 years ago to be exact! I will never forget working on this production. It all started at Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. My good friend and make-up mentor, Jim Sacca, hired me to be his assistant on a shoot called Tiberian Sun part of the award-winning Command & Conquer series. This was the first major production I had worked on in Las Vegas and I was nervous because I wanted to do the best job so that Jim would continue to hire me. The production included major actors and actresses: James Earl Jones and Michael Biehn to name just a few.

The crew and talent were amazing to work with and I will never forget how much fun I had! Don't get me wrong -- I worked my buns off, and I learned a lot from Jim Sacca -- watching him work and listening to his instruction boosted my make-up talent 150%. He is truly a gifted artist.

Below are a few great pictures of me, James Earl Jones and Michael Biehn. Mr. Jones was a very kind man and that voice! He naturally commands attention just by saying "hello." I remember feeling like I should be bowing down to the great Darth Vader and Mufasa!!!