Host Video/Green Screen -- A day in the life of an MUA at DOP

Today I worked at Digital Outpost (DOP) on a "host" video shoot for the police commission. I was reunited with the crew from DOP, as well as the incredible talent of Beth Ruyak. Previously, I had shot with the DOP cast and crew on a 4-day production which can be viewed on my blog under the archive section (Special Effects entry). Once again, the Digital Outpost facility and crew were experts at their craft and extremely professional. When I first relocated to San Diego I thought it was going to be hard to find real "professional" gigs, but so far I have been proven wrong.

I hope that productions continue to film in San Diego as an alternative to Los Angeles. The local production crews that are based here are just as talented as any crew I worked with in Los Angeles and the production facilities are just as state-of-the-art!