American Dream Cinema/PSA -- just another day at the office for an MUA

Shot a great PSA for American Dream Cinema this week in La Jolla, California for the City of San Diego. The message was to keep the ocean clean and not pollute our environment because eventually all disgusting waste that should be put in a trash can or recycle bin ends up in our ocean. I live near the ocean and love the beach, so this was especially meaningful to me.

The spot breaks down like this....a tourist is walking around La Jolla enjoying the sunny day and the beach. He litters and that creates a karmic backlashing from the "city." This guy starts to have a very, very bad day. First he is doused by a sprinkler, then he is splashed in the face by a punk rocker chick throwing out dirty floor mopping water from a pizza place, he is then sprayed in the face with grass clippings from an absent-minded gardener and finally he is splashed with contaminated ocean water (all from his careless littering).

The grass clippings scene was fun to shoot because the grass had to stick all over his face and body. I covered the actor with Karo Syrup and grass -- it was soooo sticky! The grass had to be in his ears, eyebrows, back of his neck, on his chest, arms, legs -- almost all exposed skin was covered in grass, including his wardrobe. There was also a stunt team brought in on day two because the actor is supposed to "fall" off a wall and land in/near the contaminated ocean. So, the stunt double had to be covered in the Karo Syrup/grass concoction.

I was joined again with Emmy Award winning director and producers, Devin and Jeanne Scott, and the crew from American Dream Cinema was a very professional team. Shot on HD and using a Red Rock Lens, this PSA looked amazing and the client was impressed with the results. This spot will air sometime late spring or early summer locally.

Check out the photos below -- just another day at the office!