Zed Lapel Pin - a webisode day in the life of an MUA...

Every once in awhile a project will come along that is really different then the main stream film or television projects I usually work on and I jump at the chance to be part of them -- enter Zed Lapel Pin.

Recently, I was introduced to a concept in the entertainment industry called the Webisode. Many major television networks are starting to use the web to "air" shorter and different versions of popular television shows like "Heroes." Viewers tune into their computers instead of the television. Popular because of the YouTube craze, the webisode is a great source for up-incoming producer/directors to get their films seen by the public and production companies, such as InPoint Productions, film and edit webisodes for many clients in the United States.

Producer Chris Roberts asked if I would be Department Head on his new project entitled Zed Lapel Pin. Shot documentary style, this short comedic film (webisode) chronicles the lives of an "air guitar" cover band by the same name, who travel to local bars and "air play" to Led Zepplin songs.

On a shoe-string budget and a ton of passion, Chris and Chad Clabaugh (the director) pulled together an amazing crew of talented locals and a cast of great actors, making the 3-day shoot a blast to work on! Here is a listing of the crew and main cast:

Director: Chad Clabaugh
Producer: Chris Roberts
1st AD: Derek Zedaker
DP: Chris Ernst
1st Camera: Geoff Sykes
Audio: Ron Hyatt
Audio 2: Paul Mendez
Art Dept: Jordan Guzzardo
Make Up/Hair: Melissa Street
Wardrobe: Christine Supnet
PA: Emily Gonzalez
Prod. Coordinator: Alisa Lawrence

Paul: Gavin Allen
Nolan: Mark Atkinson
Victor: Adam Marcinowski
Stubbs: Ian Gilligan
Angie: Cory Milno
Carmen: Wendy Perkins

When the editing process of this film is complete, I will try to put it up on this blog, but in the meantime enjoy the still photos below, shot by the best photographer in San Diego, Masen Larsen.