It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog and I decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions would be to reach out to my database and write a monthly post for those who are interested.

Epic Makeup has gone through some changes and updates in the past year. In order to continue to provide our producers, directors, photographers, actors, corporate business and production company clients with the most professional makeup and hair services, we are excited to announce that we have expanded the team and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our new member:

Cathi Singh – Makeup/Hair/Body Artist:

Many of you know Cathi already. She has filled in for me on some of your projects as department head and other times she has worked along side as my key artist or assistant. I first met Cathi 5 years ago and since that time, we have partnered on many amazing shoots. Besides being trained in beauty makeup for HD television and film, she has expanded her skills to include fashion, sports, news media, red carpet, live events, as well as becoming Epic’s certified Spray Tan Artist, which handles all tanning requests from our actors and clients.

While both Cathi and I are trained in all genres of makeup artistry, our combined efforts of close to 35 years experience have given us the skills to handle most on set challenges.  

Recently, Cathi and I switched roles and she was my Department Head on the Ron Howard short film, When You Find Me, where I worked as the Key Artist.

This film is the first collaboration of Ron Howard and Canon after forming the company Project Imagin8ion. It began with a photography contest that started in May of 2011. Over 96,000 entries were submitted and Mr. Howard chose 8 winners. From there, a screenplay was written using the photos as inspiration and Mr. Howard’s daughter, actress Bryce Dallas-Howard was hired as our Director.

Cathi and I were brought on and began our pre-production process in September 2011. This is where the challenge began because Canon had secretly developed a new film camera to compete with the RED and we were using the prototype to shoot the film. We were the first makeup team in the nation to shoot on this camera and the script had called for a “dream sequence” which was going to be shot using an infrared sensor.

We discovered that shooting in this mode the camera picked up all the blue veins in the actor’s face, but because Bryce asked us to make the actors appear “ghost” like, the blue veins needed to disappear. We tried several different techniques and finally figured out what supported our director's vision.

Below is a link to Project Imagin8tion's YouTube Channel featuring the film's trailer, which is currently being prepped for the festival circuit and a link to a very informative, behind-the-scenes video where both director and DP speak in detail about the camera's film capabilities.

2011 also brought our team many interesting new clients both in the corporate and celebrity world. We continue to work on projects needing special effects, green screen shoots, HD television shows, webseries, breaking news spots and new product media tours.

We are proud to be providing makeup and hair services to the reporters at NBC San Diego for their on-air Super Bowl promos, as well as for their new anchor marketing needs.

We gratefully continue to work with many production companies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas. We have traveled to Europe several times in the past few years for our corporate client, LifeWave and hope to continue that service for other clients in the future!

The Epic Makeup website is getting a much needed face lift and will feature bios, resumes, portfolio pictures and links for Cathi and myself. The current version of the Epic site is still up and running, with the new site slotted to take its place soon.

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We hope that 2012 continues to bring prosperity and success your way and the Epic Makeup Team is looking forward to working with all of you this year!

See you on the set!

posted by: Melissa Street