QVC - a day in the life of an MUA...

Got a call from my friend and fellow make-up artist, Tricia Sawyer, who is the "personal" make-up artist to such celebrites as Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Brittany Murphy and Kate Beckinsale, plus she developed a cosmetic line called Tricia Sawyer Beauty and has contracted with QVC to sell her products to the world! She needed some behind-the-scenes help with her recent one-hour beauty show, so faster than you could say "lipstick," I was on a plane to Philly.

QVC is an amazing facility. The corporation is huge and it must employee thousands of people. It never shuts down -- it never stops. 24 hours a day QVC is on the "air," live to the entire United States of America and you can purchase a lipstick, hairspray and a vacuum cleaner in 10 minutes. I was impressed with their studios. State-of-the-art with high definition quality.

Tricia was selling 7 different cosmetic products from her line and had 8 models total. Myself and another make-up artist prepped the girls in the dressing room with the first "on air" sale, but from there it was really fast paced. The girls would step out of frame and one of us would be there getting them ready with the next make-up product. It went like that for a full hour and at the end of the show, each model had a full face of make-up and Tricia sold a sick amount of her product!

It was the fastest hour of my life, but a great way to spend the day!