Reality T.V. -- A day in the life of an MUA...

Had a great time working for Sea Breeze Entertainment yesterday shooting a marketing video for a potential reality t.v. show. Shooting reality t.v. can be fun and very challenging at the same time because you just never know what is going to happen, but isn't that the whole reason we all tune in?

22 people were in and out of my make-up chair in 5 hours yesterday, which meant that I worked my tushy off, but when you are having a blast and the cast and crew are incredibly professional, there is no room for complaints. In fact, it is always wonderful to be included in something new and cutting edge.

Sea Breeze Entertainment is located in San Diego and obtained the Digital Outpost facility to shoot the video. I have blogged several times about the crew at DOP and again I was reunited with many accomplished individuals under that roof. Best part was working with the amazing talents of Marc Bailey from Fox 6 News and Kerstin Lindquist from Channel 10.

So stay tuned and believe me, when this show takes off everyone will want to be a part of it. Noble Fares, producer of the show said, "this should bring a new and unique dimension to educational entertainment." Sounds great to me!